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Friday, May 11, 2012

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Adobe Premiere 6.5 has been the long-established leading video editing application for Windows and Macintosh.

For video professionals, and for others ready to step up to a more professional tool, Premiere 6.5 offers professional features and a clean and robust interface for working on digital video projects. In August 2002, Adobe shipped the latest version, Premiere 6.5, with features including real-time preview, a new Title Designer, and support for MPEG-2 export and DVD authoring.

What’s New

This new version 6.5 is a “point” release, refreshing Premiere to the latest operating systems — Microsoft Windows XP and Macintosh OS X - and taking advantage of faster processing speeds with features like real-time preview and MPEG encoding. This is not a total rewrite to a major new “7.0? type of release, but instead is an upgrade and enhancement to the existing product. For people already familiar with Premiere, there are no gratuitous changes to the interface. All the existing features still work the same as you are used to; in fact the product ships with the old manual, plus an addendum that describes the new features.

Download Adobe Premiere 6.5 Full:

Download info---

 Total MB=140

Total MB=140


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