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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Adobe Premiere Pro package contains other two tools for better video developing, these tools are the Adobe OnLocation and the Adobe Encore. Adobe Premiere Pro has some great features and characteristics, i will present some of them below:

So, the Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 offers you the possibility to complete Final Cut Pro sessions, transfer content into Adobe After Effects application, you can use the Speech Search function to find the parts that interest you the most, also you transfer the found video footage with the help of Encore function to DVD, Blu-ray or you can upload it on the internet and many others more.
For Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 to run smoothly on your system you need to have 2GB RAM or more, 2Ghz or faster CPU, 10GB free space on your HDD just for the installation files, a monitor that supports at least 1280 x 900 resolution and with OpenGL graphic card, DVD-ROM and DVD R to create DVDs or a Blu-Ray burning ROM to create Blu-Ray discs, a broadband connection if you want to use the online services of it. This version of Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 is available at first as a free trial which ofers you 30 days of free usage. After the trial period expires you need to purchase and register the full version of it which costs no less than $799.


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