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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Grass Valley Canopus Procoder 3 Upgrade professional Video Editing Softweare free download(Serial&Crack)

* More Mobile Video set-up hold up — With the toting up of H.264 training and decode, ProCoder 3 is ready to transfer and produce for well-liked mobile video devices such as the Apple iPod® and Sony PSP™.
* Added help for EDIUS making Workflows — The Canopus HQ codec is now included with ProCoder 3, allowing standalone encoding and decoding of Canopus HQ files without requiring Grass Valley EDIUS software installed on the machine with ProCoder.
* Support for the AVCHD Camcorder Format — AVCHD decoding capability allows the conversion of video footage from the new generation of compact camcorders for editing, streaming and DVD production.
* Encoding Speed enhancement for Multi-core Systems — Grid Encoding support for MPEG-2 (Transport Stream) provides even greater encoding speed on modern multi-core and multi-CPU computer system. This feature is automatically engaged when you choose the 'Preview DVD Target' or 'HDV Target' formats for encoding.
* Dolby® Digital Audio Support — Common in DVD production as well as retransmission, ProCoder 3 supports Dolby Digital audio programming for enhanced audio quality in less space. ProCoder 3 also allows you to add, swap, and remove individual channels of audio within the target format with the inbuilt channel mixer.


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